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We are on a mission to change the way people do business, one logo at a time.

According to The Design Council UK,
a well designed logo can improve the reputation and sales of a company by 200%

This incredible research done in 2015 proves that a company’s or product’s brand identity is directly related to it success rate. A strong and recognisable brand can help a business be more successful, which is why creating an effective brand identity is so important. Many business people acknowledge this fact, but are desperate to find a reliable and professional graphic designer within their spending power. We, as a group of professional graphic designers, are here to give them a chance at enhancing their brand identity.

Why We Design Logos & Other Things Associated

We are a group of professional graphic designers united with one single common factor – “We Hate Ugly Logos”. Some of are now working full time with Logos Associated, while some are working part-time while juggling with their jobs in some high profile advertising or branding agency.

As artists we love to appreciate things that not only look beautiful, but function beautifully as well. And logos are no exception. We saw, and still see many people using distasteful designs to represent their business. We talked about it. We commented on in. We laughed on it. Until one of us read a study by the Design Council of UK which stated that a business which uses better corporate identity design can increase sales by 200%. We wondered about the immense opportunities that these businesses are losing just because of their worthless logo, which does more harm than good.

The Beginning

We formed Logos Associated because we want to change the way people do business, for better. If better designs can actually help a company get more business, we would like to give them this opportunity.

As professional graphic designers, we recognises that the logo design of any business is the core of its brand identity. Therefore we named our agency Logos Associated, as we design LOGOS and everything else ASSOCIATED with them such as stationery, website, brochures, marketing collateral etc.

Logos Associated is founded by Donald Gonsalves, an award winning graphic designer and entrepreneur. In 2011, during his flight to Bengaluru, he overheard a conversation between the passengers sitting next to him. One of them had just started his business and was not able to find a graphic designer who can work on this business branding within a respectable budget. The designers he came across either charged lot more than his budget or delivered low quality designs. Donald introduced himself to the passengers, showed them his design work and agreed to create the design for the logo within the budget. As soon as the flight landed Donald called is team and directed them to design the logo. Within 24 hours the design options for the logo were delivered out of which a logo was finalised 2 days later.

Donald observed that many business people in India as well as around the globe need someone to design their brand identities but what they receive is uninspiring, irrelevant and unoriginal. There are places where people are not able to find a single graphic designer good enough to work on their branding.

Logos Associated was thus formed with a clear mission of giving access to our qualified team of graphic designer thought our website. We we have managed to maintain affordable prices for all our branding services.

4.8 out 5 Rating on Google Review

Our customers love us because we take care of their needs. We designed logos and other branding designs that have really made a difference to their business in a positive way. We have received outstanding reviews on Google and we would like to keep getting more.
It was just through a random mail that we got in contact with Logos Associated.. They are so quick ! They understand the requirement so well. They even worked on their off day to deliver me the designs. We are too happy that we chose them. They listened to us so patiently inspite of the numerous changes. Also they provide the quotation that falls in the budget. One word for you guys- Fantastic!
05:56 25 Sep 18
Extremely disciplined and professional in working. Gave me a lot of knowledge along the way. Thanks to Joswin and Sawant for helping me with my logo and website.
Pranav Sen
Pranav Sen
07:57 24 Sep 18
This is the best place to get your logo and company branding designed. absolutely love their concept. I will recommend logosassociated for every one moving forward. It's nice to have so many options to choose from. Very Professional and Quick service. Got a logo design done. They were really impressive and unique.definitely recommend others to try it.
Chris Gonsalves
Chris Gonsalves
03:36 13 Sep 18
Number 1 Logo Design company in India. Delivered very good designs quickly and were able to complete my project within 2 days.
Ramesh Poojari
Ramesh Poojari
10:04 12 Sep 18
I had a very particular requirement. The first sample they sent within two hours nailed it almost perfectly. I am amazed by their speed , quality and professionalism. Highly recommended.
Arnab Roy Chowdhury
Arnab Roy Chowdhury
13:23 11 Sep 18
Excellent work. Very prompt service and affordable prices. The quality is great too. Thank you guys
padmini sridevi kotra
padmini sridevi kotra
17:01 16 May 18
Excellent service provided by the team. We are impressed with their quick response for the queries and the quality of the work. Surely one will be satisfied with their service.
Gaze Chits
Gaze Chits
09:54 30 Apr 18
Excellent Quality and service. We are impressed. Logos Associated, they do top quality work all around. We are very pleased with the service. I personally recommend them to anyone looking with help on Logo design. You can rest assure in the future that I will come back again. Appreciate your professional work. Your design team is really very talented. Thanks for understanding my requirements so professionally. I appreciate all the revisions that you've made and all the work you've done for my logo. Thanks for the quick turnaround. I am looking forward to putting my new logo out into the world with my new business.
Bala Krishna
Bala Krishna
14:38 26 Mar 18
Unbelievable experience, easy and smooth. I got just what I was looking for. I had a very unusual contest yet designers still managed to meet my specifications. I would highly recommend Logos Associated which has no match out there.
Mahan Gowda
Mahan Gowda
06:50 14 Mar 18
Loved my experience! I did my research and found that this was the best price and offered better options. It took me a week to decide between my top three. I'm very happy with my choice and I might just end up buying the other two designs! Also, LA replied to my questions within hours. That's says a lot since I'm in Lucknow. Would highly recommend. Will use again for my next design!
Divya Singh
Divya Singh
05:56 24 Jan 18

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