Afreen Flowers Logo Design

Afreen Flowers is a flower supplier based in Mumbai (India) and they have been in the flower business since more than 35 years. In 2015 they decided it’s time to change the way they showcase and present their business to their customers, old and new.

When they approached us for designing a logo for them, they explained in their briefing form that they wanted a logo that will look dated. Something that will be clean, ornamental and detailed.

We thought that a Floral Outline Logo Design in black & white will be most appropriate for the client. And after delicately sketching the floral compilation in a circular fashion with the letter A in script typeface at the center, we then processed it further to convert the artwork in neat and contrasting lines.


afreen-flowers-logo-design-colorWe were amazed after painting the logo design with water colors. So was the client. The final output was used as a monogram that look beautiful in monotone as well as colour.

Floral Outline Logo Design takes time and we feel that the client should be ready to focus on a single design rather than just browse through options. This gives us the liberty to really put our thoughts into it.

Afreen Flowers Logo Design is one of our most cherished work.