Cancellation and Refund Policy

Our focus is also to provide complete customer satisfaction.

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Logos Associated is committed to partner with a client to create logo and branding designs that will enhance the image of a business or a brand. Our focus is also to provide complete customer satisfaction. We also don’t believe that you, the client, should bear risks when commissioning Logos Associated to create the designs. Therefore, we only take a deposit of 50% of the estimated fee to start the project and not the full amount. But there have been cases during our course of time where a client has cancelled their projects and yet used the ideas we created, urging us to create a simple, yet clear policy for cancellation and refund.

Our policy for the cancellation and refund will be as follows:


Cancellation & Refund Policy

We are committed to making sure our customers love our logos and branding designs, and we take a comprehensive approach at making designs that say something special about your organization. A lot of hours goes into creating the ideas that will reflect what your business or brand is about and the graphic designers involved in this stage are highly professional and qualified artists.

It should be noted in advance that a client does not have ownership to any design(s) or concepts(s) we create, if a project is cancelled or if not paid for 100%. If a project is cancelled and if the project has not been paid 100%, the client should not use the design(s) and/or the concept(s) in any form. If the client uses the concept(s) or the design(s) after cancellation of the project, it may result in interference during trademark registration or copyright and even legal action against the client.

If in any case a client doesn’t want Logos Associated to continue further after the first round of designs, the client has the liberty to cancel their project. Half of the deposit amount will be refunded and we will try to cover our cost for the initial part of the project with the other half .

However, if a client proceeds beyond the first round and requests for a second round of concepts or asks for revision to any design in particular, the cancellation of the project can be done on request of the client but the deposit will not be refunded in any part.

No response from the client beyond 3 days from receiving our email asking for feedback will automatically result in cancellation of the project, with a prior email of warning regarding the same.

For cancellations please contact the us via contact form or by email.