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We believe that building a brand identity isn’t a cost … it’s an investment. An effective, engaging and meaningful brand can make a good startup great and a great startup world class.

But for most of the startups, budget gets in the way of professional branding.

Logos Associated brings a dedicated branding package for startups and small businesses in India, that not only covers major areas of branding but is also downright affordable.

The Indian Startup Branding Initiative Package delivers the following to you.

  • Logo Design (5 concepts to choose from)
  • Business Card Design (Printing and delivery of 100 cards¹ included)
  • Letterhead Design (Delivered as easy to use Microsoft Word .doc file)
  • Envelop Design (Delivered as easy to use Microsoft Word .doc file)
  • Simple HTML Website with 5 pages
  • Domain Name² + Website Hosting for 1 year (renewable)
  • Email IDs³ for 1 year (renewable) with Email Signature
  • Powerpoint Template
  • Brand Manual

Note: 1. Single artwork   2. Domain extensions either .com or .in (subject to price and availability)  3. Up to 3 email ids *Order once placed will not be cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I just booked the order. Now what?

Once you book your order, we will get in touch with you through an email or, if possible, with a phone call. We will provide you with an easy to fill questionnaire form through which we will extract relevant data for the project. We will also give you a complementary user manual through which you can understand all the important aspects of branding. The manual will also help you understand the brand core of your business and to collect related information about it.

How will the project be managed?

After you fill up the questionnaire form, we will first search for the domain name(s) for your business and buy the suitable one. The information of your project with be forwarded to a creative director who will understand the details and brief a team of graphic designers. The logo will be worked on first and you will received 5 logo concepts within 2 days. Selected concept will be refined and fine-tuned for your approval. On finalization of the logo, 3 concepts for business card, letterhead, envelop, email signature will be put forward to you for your approval. You will also be presented with 5 pre-designed templates for the website to selected from. Selected website template will be used to create your website. Approval of designs will result in delivery. At the end, at custom made brand manual guide will be sent to you to help you use your brand identity at the optimal level.

How fast can the project be completed?

Once you provide all the information related to the project, including the text and image content for the website, we can complete the whole project within 2 weeks.

Can I cancel the project?

The project cannot be cancelled once ordered.

Can I pay in installments?

EMI option is available during payment. It’s solely based on the banks offering it.