What The Purpose Of A Logo Is And Why You Need A Logo For Your Business

Yes, Your Business Needs a Logo. Here’s Why.

You’ve taken the time to plan out all the basic details of your business. You came up with a name, you have your products or service offerings, you even have a brand message. You’ve tried to take care of all the really important things in order to start marketing your business, building leads, and gaining customers. However, you don’t yet have a logo.

When starting a business, many people don’t make logo design a priority. It kind of seems like an afterthought, something that is a nice addition to their branding, but a bit unnecessary. If that sounds like you, creating a logo may just seem time-consuming and difficult, making it the last thing you want to focus on. However, having a logo for your business is essential. In fact, it’s one of the key components of your branding, and just as important as every other detail.

Not having a logo for your business puts you at an extreme disadvantage. This is because your logo helps you stand out from your competition and is one of the best ways to uniquely showcase your business, giving your target market something that reminds them of you. Hands down, your business needs a logo. Wondering why?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Logo?

Logos are kind of like a business card. They combine a visual with a bit of text, showcasing a business’ name along with an identifying image that is a representation of that business. The intended purpose of a logo is to put an image into people’s heads that will always remind them of your business. Eventually, when they see that image, they will immediately think of your business and what you have to offer.

It’s easy to understand how impactful a logo can be when you think about some of the most well-known logos out there. From Nike to McDonald’s to Apple, practically everyone can identify their logos from just a quick glimpse. A brief view of the McDonald’s logo can cause someone to start thinking of hamburgers and french fries. Their logo is even identifiable by children who start begging for a Happy Meal as soon as they see that massive yellow M.

A logo is powerful and has the ability to grasp the attention of consumers. Once people begin to recognize the image, they begin to think of the products or services that a business provides. Any business can build its brand and get its message out into the world through a simple logo. One small image has the power to move mountains for any business that ventures into logo creation.

What are the Benefits of a Logo?

Logos truly are one of the most essential aspects of branding your business. They are the number one tool for brand recognition, which is of the utmost importance in a highly saturated consumer world.

Overwhelmingly, people tend to veer towards the familiar when it’s available. That means, once you’ve grabbed your target market’s attention with an incredible logo, your business will be cemented in their mind through this one image. Anytime they are searching for the type of products or services you sell, they’ll see your logo, and head your way. In this instance, your logo is familiar and causes them to visit you first.

While brand recognition is one of the top benefits of a great logo, it’s not the only one. There are multiple benefits and reasons why you don’t want to overlook designing a logo for your business.

● Showcases Your Brand

Businesses used to think that all they needed was a great product in order to be successful. There was this idea that if they could create a better product than anyone else, customers would flock to them. These days, people are actually more interested in the business itself than they are in the product.

Today’s consumers are interested in WHO they are supporting more than anything else. They want to purchase from authentic businesses with similar values that they can connect with. This means that your branding is an integral part of your business, and not something that you will want to overlook.

Your logo is a key part of your branding. It’s a visual representation of the overall message of your business. This means that the colors, the image, the text font, everything about your logo is going to remind people of who your brand is and what they stand for.

As consumers begin getting to know your business, including the products, the message, and the values, they will be reminded of these things every time they see your logo. A logo is an effective way to showcase the overall message of your brand and ensure that your target market is regularly reminded of your business’ heart and soul.

● Gets People’s Attention

Most of the time, you have about two seconds to get someone’s attention and make an impact. This is because most people become aware of a business while they’re scrolling; they scroll through their social media feed, their search engine results, their emails.

As they scroll, their time is short, and their attention is even shorter. It takes something unique, creative, and impactful to get them to stop their scrolling and read. One of the best ways a business can make an impact on these people is with a great logo.

A quick pop of color or image can get someone’s attention and encourage them to stop. This is especially true if that image aligns with their values or their interests. If they see something that speaks to them, they’re more likely to take a look at it and learn more.

Without a custom logo, you’re missing that opportunity to get the attention of your target market. There won’t be anything that makes that initial impact on people who are scrolling, which means they’re just going to scroll on by.

● Encourages Connection

People today care about connection. They want to engage with and get to know the brands that they buy from, to feel part of a community instead of just feeling like a consumer. A logo is a great way to foster connection with your target market and invite them to get to know your brand.

With a purposeful, welcoming logo, you can show people the heart and soul of your brand. You can invite them in and let them know your business is warm and inviting. As people see your logo and begin to feel comfortable with your brand, they are more likely to visit your website or social media profiles and begin to engage with you on those platforms.

Once engagement and connection begin, you’ve entered the next phase of the customer journey, and are well on your way to gaining a new customer. To get there, you need that warm logo that grabs your target market’s attention and invites them to come and connect.

● Helps You Stand Out

You may have a great product or service to offer people. However, there are so many businesses out there offering the same type of products of similar quality, it can seem impossible to gain awareness and draw in leads. In fact, people who are actually searching for a specific product or service are going to be bombarded with results and recommendations. When you think about it, the chance that your business is chosen from among all the others seems highly unlikely.

The good news is, your product or service isn’t the only tool you have for gaining leads. A logo will differentiate your business from all of the other businesses out there in your industry. It gives you the opportunity to personalize your brand and draw people’s interest. With your logo, you can showcase your industry along with your unique branding. Let people see who you are, what you stand for, and what makes your business unique with your logo.

● Breeds Loyal Customers

In business, your goal isn’t just making a sale once, but building a base of loyal clients who return to you again and again. Your logo helps your customers to easily identify your products and services, wherever they see them. Whether on a shelf, through ads, on social media, on search results, or on something else, your logo calls to your customers and lets them know this product or service is yours and they can trust it.

For those who have already used and loved your products, your logo is like a seal of confidence, of approval. It gives a nod to your customers so that they know what to buy. It enables them to build loyalty to your brand, having a consistent source to turn to whenever they need the types of things you sell.

Once they become loyal customers, your logo also gives them an image to share with others in order to recommend your business. As they do, your logo will start working again as it is shared and new people become aware of your business, beginning the customer journey.

How Do I Make a Logo?

A great logo isn’t just a boring image that adds a pop of color or personality to the face of a business. It’s a way to make your target market aware of your business, breed familiarity, and to create a sense of trust with your potential customers. However, keep in mind that you need to put as much effort into your logo as you do other facets of your business. While a professional, high-quality logo has the power to boost your leads and conversions, a poorly designed, amateur logo can do the exact opposite.

Make sure that your logo is clear and easy to read, contains the unique colors and personality of your brand, and has an image that is entirely your own and relevant to your target market.

Spend the time, money, and effort to have it professionally designed in order to put forth a seamless, impressive logo. One great option is to search online for design contests where you can win an incredible, professional logo design for your business! Find a logo design company with great results and reviews to ensure your business gets the stand-out, unique, high-quality logo your business needs.

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