Our Team & How We Work

We are on a mission to change the way people do business, one logo at a time.

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Our Team

Our team is made up of a skeleton staff which are our own in-house graphic designers and a network staff which is an exclusive network on high profile designers.

The skeleton staff is the core team and these are graphic designers from reputed fine art or commercial art colleges with years of experience. They help create concepts, moderate the designs produced as well as revise the artworks as needed.

Our network staff is a team consisting largely of handpicked graphic designers who have a great portfolio of work and clients. The skills of these designers vary from proficient to out-of-this-world. Their involvement in a project takes work to a higher level.

As professional graphic designers, we recognises that the logo design of any business is the core of its brand identity. Therefore we named our agency Logos Associated, as we design LOGOS and everything else ASSOCIATED with them such as stationery, website, brochures, marketing collateral etc.

How We Work

Based on your requirement, we will suggest you an appropriate estimate for a particular project. This estimate suggests the optimum fee to provide you the service(s) using our in-house team as well as the professionals in our network. If you suggest you have a higher budget we can get a more proficient professional from our network to work on your project which will increase the overall quality of work.

Once you have agreed to the fee and the terms of payment, we will ask you to provide the details through a questionnaire. Your project will be started as soon as the details are received also with an advance payment. Once you have selected your design from a group of options, we will revise the artwork as need and deliver the approved design as appropriate files to meet your purpose.