Why We Formed Logos Associated

We are on a mission to change the way people do business, one logo at a time.

Why We Formed Logos Associated2018-12-28T11:57:04+00:00

We are a group of professional graphic designers united on one common ground – “We Hate Ugly Logos”.

As artists we love to appreciate things that not only look beautiful, but function beautifully as well. And logos are no exception. We still see many people using distasteful designs to represent their business. We talked about it, commented on in and laughed it out.

How It Began

One day one of us read about a research conducted by the Design Council of UK which stated that –

a business which uses better branding designs can increase sales by 200%.

We all wondered about the immense opportunities that these businesses are losing just because of their worthless logo, which does more harm than good.

We talked to more than 300 business owners on why they continue to use logo and branding designs that are not good enough, and here are the top 3 response-

1. I just needed some design for the sake of a logo

2. Hiring a qualified graphic designer is out of my budget

3. I didn’t find a good and reliable graphic designer locally


As professional graphic designers, we recognises that the logo design of any business is the core of its brand identity. Therefore we named our agency Logos Associated, as we design LOGOS and everything else ASSOCIATED with them such as stationery, website, brochures, marketing collateral etc.

So we formed Logos Associated because we want to change the way people do business, for better. If better designs can actually help a business get more opportunities and improve sales, we would like to support them achieve it. While most of us are now working full time with Logos Associated, there are some are working part-time while they also work in some high profile advertising or branding agency.

We believe that the business world would look better and work better with better logos. We want to give everyone a beautiful logo, regardless of their budget.